Customs Brokerage

Customs in Turkey is an area that is as risky as it is difficult and, as a result, customs declarations should be prepared and signed by customs brokers that have the legal capacity to represents their clients.

CBI established its customs department with its 19 years of logistics and international transportation experience and with a keen eye on the needs of firms wanting to conduct importation, exportation and transits. The work of customs brokers begins not with the arrival of goods at customs, but when they are ordered.
When considered from this perspective, our primary target is to provide transportation in conjunction with customs brokerage services. CBI Customs provides its uninterrupted services both at the loading stage and at the destination port for the importations you will carry out from China, the US and Europe. In terms of good types, we carry out importation and exportation procedures according to the latest information and with our experience for a wide range of goods, such as bearings, ready-to-wear clothing, chemicals, vehicle spare parts, machinery and their parts, imaging equipment, baby care items, cosmetics and raw foodstuffs.

In addition to custom brokerage services, we provide consultancy and application services for inspections on products. We can assist you in all areas that require expertise such as, but not limited to, TSE, TAREKS and CE marks, food importation permission, letters of indemnity, after-sales proficiency certificates and investment incentive certificates.
If it is necessary to mention CBI Customs’ technological infrastructure and its capabilities in addition to its invaluable 19 years of experience, we offer our clients online tracking and electronic archiving capabilities. CBI Customs’ head office is located in the Asian side of Istanbul and has our operations teams in every customs in Istanbul. Hardcopies of vital documents are delivered from point to point with motorcycle couriers and the recording of customs declarations are done online from the registered office.

CBI Customs offers its services at Kocaeli, Mersin, Gemlik and Tekirdag (ASYAPORT) customs offices in addition to those in Istanbul.

Transit operations offer great importance when the geographical conditions of Turkey are taken into account. Pre and post in-transit operations require careful tracking and knowledge. For re-export firms, quality refers to profit, but in reality this profit can only come around with the correct procedures and tracking.

CBI tracks and completes your importations, exportations and transit operations with its transportation, insurance and warehousing departments.