Our Values

- To provide customer-oriented high quality services.

- To focus on human values as the center of our services as an organization with the ethical needs in transport and logistics sector.

- To share and utilize our experience in the sector in parallel to our expanding vision.

- To be sensitive to environmental issues.

- To increase the sense of trust in our employees as well as our customers.

+Our Vision
To become the first name that comes to mind in Turkey about forwarding.
+Our Mission
To become a “value” that meets all demands at the highest level within the sector by analyzing correctly the expectations of customers, business partners and employees.
+Quality and Environmental Policy
Our mission is to ensure unconditional customer satisfaction; to sustain our customers' confidence in our projects and in our company; to ensure the health and safety of our employees; to sustain our competitive power; to be ahead of our competitions within our sector; and, to ensure the continuity of our company through right projects.

As CBI, the following is specified as our company's QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY:
• prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers and employees;
• ensuring the legal conformity of our projects;
• continuously following the demands and expectations of our customers and of the markets, improving ourselves by closely following technologies;
• being a customer-oriented company;
• ensuring quality, swiftness and confidence to our customers in our project services;
• being the company that provides the best service within our sector;
• offering innovations to our customers simultaneously with the world;
• ensuring the continuous improvement of our employees;
• providing a healthy and safe workplace environment to our employees;
• using resources in the most efficient way;
• preventing accidents or mistakes that might take place in our company;
• disposing our waste in accordance with the regulations and standards;
• being an environmentally-friendly company;
• fulfilling the conditions prescribed in ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental
Management System, and continuously conducting improvement activities.